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Regarding the construction project

The traditional forms of medicine from Africa, Asia and South America appear to enjoy a popularity even in the classic industrialized countries, where there is a growing recognition of the ancient knowledge of the east. Even the global pharmaceutical industry sends teams into far away regions to profit from the knowledge of the local people.

 In Africa the Republic of Cameroon is specially known in this context due to the personal attention of HRE Ambassador Dr Simon Leshey (I), King of African Cameroon Natural Healers, and representative of the Royal Development Cooperation Foundation. He is also the founder of the RHC and the RHDRC project.

 The advisors of the King recommend measures for maintaining the traditional culture while keeping in mind the general economic situation and with the aim to keep the running costs as low as possible.

It is for this reason that the traditional construction forms, local materials, using natural lighting and ventilation as well as flexibility and autonomy of the infra-structure should be utilized and promoted. These goals are not possible to be achieved through the usual western-oriented technology. The current project is therefore also in this context extremely important.

CAT (NGO) has over 10 years of local experience in the field of Appropriate Technology. The NGO has received award from the president of the republic as well as prizes also in the individual regions.

 With the assistance of the advisor to HRE Ambassador Dr Simon Leshey (I) it was possible to develop a team of experts, who shall take up the described challenges.

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